About Us

Algo Communications is a privately-held investment management company, offering investment services across a range of equity, structured finance, collective investment schemes and alternative strategies. The company offers a range of investment products such as capital funds through share subscription facilities and variable financial solutions that impact industry with technology advancements in Africa. Founded in 2006 Algo to date has established in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Qatar and United Kingdom respectively.

The company established presence in these markets so as to harness investment from across the globe and focus on development and growth expansion of technological innovations in Africa and Emerging markets. We strongly believe that business is an artistic expression of entrepreneurs and as such the artist must be granted the necessary tools to produce a piece that has an everlasting impression on the beholders.


To establish a financial ecosystem that supports a vibrant SME economy for emerging markets.


To establish an efficient digital environment for business.

Our Values


Operational excellence for us is a philosophy at the workplace where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in the ongoing improvement in an organization. The process involves focusing on the brand’s impression on stakeholders- keeping the employees positive and empowered, and continually improving the activities in the workplace.


With the ever-increasing necessity of cultivating a unique brand personality, the need for creative thinking has transitioned from the arts into everyday business. In addition, the act of producing a product that distinguishes itself from competitors in a marketplace where differentiation is often hard to come by and demands a high degree of creativity in innovation and marketing and ingenious contributions.


The process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal: Teamwork for us means that people should cooperate above their individual skill-set providing constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict whatsoever.


Strict adherence to a moral code, reflected in transparent honesty and complete harmony in what one thinks, says, and does thereby upholding the core functional system which performs the intended functions without being degraded or impaired by changes or disruptions in its internal or external environments. .


For us this entails alertness, dedication to the work process shown in continual effort to accomplish a task, or in performance of a duty or obligation.


Algo uses a custom made virtualisation platform to build a marketing campaign analysis and 360 degree view of customer solutions.


Algo employs a combination of automated compliance testing systems, along with manual processes for infrequent occurrences


Algo has investment management tools which bring timely and insightful content to financial advisors and their clients.

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